We met at SCAD. Looking back on that time we laugh at the photographic evidence of having the same friends, going to the same bars, dressing up for the same parties (they were all costume parties back then), having EVERY studio together, going on a class road trip and sleeping in the same row of bunks, even cramming into a professor's kitchen to make etouffe for charity together, and yet hardly, in those years, did we have a one-on-one conversation. 

After college, we couldn't have gone in further directions from one another; literally to opposite ends of the planet. We moved around, started new jobs, grew up a bit*, became an aunt and an uncle, and each had our share of wins, losses and heartache. We were parallel lines running in circles and then we crossed. 

Eight years and maybe a "happy birthday!" or two on Facebook later, we both wound up in Chicago and one of us needed a job. So we scheduled a lunch to talk about our industry, and over burgers and fries, we finally started to get to know each other. From that day forward, we were coming up with any excuse to get together and pretty soon, we were hooked.

We met in Savannah, but we fell in love in Chicago. It was finally the time and the place to be in each other's lives, to be each other's best friend and to continue on this journey together. We can't wait to marry each other and to celebrate in our city with every one else we love. 

*just a bit